Nothing is more romantic than
rose petals.

Rose Petals for Any Occasion


Imagine the surprise when she's surrounded by rose petals.

Romantic Evenings

Rose petals take the evening to a whole new level, and we have candles, too!

The Best Rose Petals Anywhere!


Our experienced team can help you determine exactly what you need to make your vision a reality.

The Perfect Setting

Planning the perfect engagement or romantic surprise?

Think of all the places you can use rose petals

  • A large petal heart on the beach
  • Write "I Love You" with rose petals
  • A trail of petals to a bed in a hotel room

And many more!

Customize your Perfect Petal Package!

Silk Rose Petal Packages

Both economical and realistic, our most popular choice!

REAL Rose Petals

Great for outdoors and when you want nothing but the best.

Floating Petals

Decorating a tub? You'll need petals that float on water.